“Apart hotel” is briefly used to describe accommodation facilities that are generally built in the form of flats or villas and contain equipment that guests can meet their eating, drinking and other needs during their travels.

What is an apart?

What does apart mean? It is an English word and its equivalent in Turkish means "separate". In Turkish, it is used only to describe the type of hotel, which consists of units that include a kitchen and a few rooms where eating and drinking needs can be met in the accommodation sector.

What is an apartment?

In fact, the term "apart apartment", which is thought to be used to mean apartments in apart hotels, is currently used to describe daily rented apartments. We can say that it is mostly used as the name of the business that is not a facility and that one or more apartments provide accommodation services.

What is the difference between an apart hotel and a daily rental apartment?

These days, the perception of daily rental apartments as apart hotels can cause some confusion in terms. The most important difference between the two is that the apart hotel continues to operate with a license. We can call the apart hotel, which does not have a business license, as a daily rental apartment. In addition, since apart hotels are built for accommodation purposes in terms of commercial efficiency, their living spaces are smaller than apartments. With the regulations made in 2018, it is no longer possible to operate unlicensed daily rental apartments, so many apartment operators who meet the criteria have started to operate as an apart hotel by obtaining a license.

What are the items that must be found in an apart hotel?

In fact, there is no limit to this in terms of service race and more comfort. Although it varies from facility to facility, the items that should be found in an apart hotel are kitchen utensils, washing machine, dining table, bedroom set, refrigerator, tea-coffee machines, TV, iron, vacuum cleaner and so on. can be summarized as. In order to provide guests with a real home comfort, an apart hotel can have as durable and varied household items as possible.