The Aya Nikola Monastery, located 800 meters southwest of Kıyıköy Center, on the shore of Pabuçdere, is one of the best examples of the rock monasteries of the period.


The Aya Nikola Rock Monastery, whose history dates back to the era of Emperor Justinian 6, that is, 527-565 AD, was carved into the rocks. The ground floor of the monastery consists of a holy spring and a chapel. In the upper part, there are monks' rooms. Aya Nikola Rock Monastery, which is similar to its examples in Cappadocia, was once a place where monks lived out of sight and made a living on their own. At the same time, desperate patients seeking healing also came to the Aya Nikola Monastery. According to a rumor, the valuable belongings of the Aya Nikola Monastery were smuggled after the Russian invasion. There was even a statuette named 'Sweating Sculpture' among them.


Unfortunately, today the Aya Nikola Monastery is abandoned to its fate. At the moment, there is a volunteer guardian from Kıyıköy at the entrance of the monastery, whose assignment is unknown.


If you happen to be in Kıyıköy, please do not neglect to add the Aya Nikola Monastery to your sightseeing list. We wish you a pleasant holiday in advance.