Kıyıköy Kastro Beach

Kıyıköy Kastro, which is considered as a protected area, does not have an accommodation facility around it, is located in Kırklareli. It is easy to access, but when you approach Kastro, it may be difficult for you to have a little rough road.

After passing Çerkezköy and Saray, you will follow the signs for Kıyıköy and Kastro and reach this natural wonder you want after 30 kilometers. Although there is no accommodation facility on the beach of Kastro, which has a very clean beach, you can easily set up a tent and camp in the region. There is a facility where you can shop at Kıyıköy Kastro beach. The sea on one side, the river on the one hand, and the forest on the other… To spend unforgettable times at Kıyıköy Kastro beach, which is a natural wonder, you can spend a weekend by coming to this area. Kıyıköy Kastro beach is ready to be included in your fun time with your friends with its unspoiled nature and camping opportunities.


Pabuçdere, which was born on the southern slopes of Mahya Hill, which is the highest point of Strandja in the northwest of Istanbul, stands out as one of the most vital points of Kıyıköy. Pabuçdere, which flows into the Black Sea from the north of Kıyıköy, has a beach right next to the town of Kıyıköy, where it meets the sea.

In Pabuçdere, which attracts great attention of local and foreign tourists, you can take a trip by motor or boat. In addition, carp and mullet fish can be caught in the creek. Pabuçdere's water is quite cold, but also clean.

There is a narrow, long and clean beach between Pabuçdere and the sea. This region is one of the indispensable addresses for camping and caravan lovers.

If you happen to be in Kıyıköy, we recommend that you do not end your trip without a boat ride in Pabuçdere.

Kırklareli Attractions List

There are many addresses you should see in Kırklareli, which has a full taste of all four seasons. We have prepared a list of natural and historical beauties. Before visiting this city, you can organize your route according to our list:

Dupnisa Cave

Yıldız Mountains

Kiyikoy Aya Nikola

Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge

Hızırbey Mosque

Visa Little Hagia Sophia Mosque

Igneada Longozu

Policy Bay

Kanlıgeçit Mound

Asagi Pinar Mound

Hell Falls

We wish you a good holiday already.