Kırklareli Venue & Food Guide

When you come to Kırklareli from the surrounding provinces, you will see that natural and historical beauties await you in this city. Kırklareli, one of the quiet cities of Marmara, also has a rich cuisine with its immigrant culture from Bulgaria.

In our article, you will have detailed information about what are the dishes of Kırklareli, the subjects of Kırklareli food places and the answers to the questions of where to eat in Kırklareli.

Let's give a short recipe for those who say exactly where Kirklareli is. Located in the Marmara Region, this city has taken Bulgaria to its north. Edirne in its west; Tekirdağ is located in the south. It neighbors Istanbul from the southeast.

Kırklareli's cuisine is also made up of very delicious dishes. The names of Kırklareli restaurants, which serve fast when you say what to eat in Kırklareli, will be waiting for you on this list. Kırklareli is a good choice for breakfast and delicious meals!

When you want to get away from the city you are in and discover new places, don't forget that Kırklareli is waiting for you with the most beautiful details!

Local Kırklareli Dishes - What's Famous?

For those who are curious about Kırklareli's famous dishes; Let's present a list that smells a lot of flavor. Let's take a look at what traditional dishes were cooked in Kırklareli, which has a wide variety and appetizing cuisine:

Tripe soup





Onion vaccine


Priest stew

TAS kebab



Broad bean soup

Milk soup

Tarhana soup

Liver pan

Liver stew


Shutoff chicken

Closing turkey


Rabbit tandoor

My höhmer

Duck and turtledove paper kebab

Stuffed rabbit

Rabbit patties

Tarhana slurry with rabbit

Date dessert

Do not find

Priest stew with bunny


Hayrabolu dessert

Bon Appetit.