If we say that there is a different world, an uncontaminated sea and a magnificent nature in the westernmost part of our country, there will be many people who say I know and make wrong guesses.
On this page, we will talk about a unique point in the Thrace region; From the village of Begendik. Located in Demirköy district of Kırklareli, Begendik Village will give you a holiday you are never used to.

Located on the Bulgarian border, the village has an enchanting clean sea. It will surprise you that the sea is not too crowded. The fact that it remains intact today is an indication that the sea is not a well-known place. You cannot have such long holidays in Begendik Village. Because there is no accommodation facility in the village or by the sea. But on a weekend, you can go with your car and stay for a day. Believe me on that day, your soul will be completely renewed.

After this beautiful sea in Demirköy-İğneada, you can explore Dupnisa Cave and İğneada Longozu.