Dupnisa Cave, which is among the places to visit, is located in Kırklareli and its history dates back to 180 million years ago.

The total length of Dupnisa Cave, which consists of two floors and three caves, is 2720 meters. Kuru Cave, Kız Cave and Sulu Cave are among the caves it formed.

An underground river flows in it and it is a feature of this river that impresses visitors. Who knows what important events he witnessed. There is a lot of curious information about the cave in its 180-million-year history. Dupnisa Cave, which stands for centuries while preserving its silence and is quite old, has quite a number of visitors. You can visit this cave, which is a place worth seeing with its long history and stalactites and stalagmites, on a day trip. Then, be sure to discover Pınarhisar Castle, Vize Castle, Balkaya Village and İğneada Longozu.