Panayır Pier Bay in our city of Kırklareli; It is located in Kışlacık Village, 47 km from the district center. Panayır İskelesi Bay, which is obviously better protected than other bays, has a 20 meters wide and 200 meters long sandy beach. The rest of the sheep is covered with a lush green forest.

Its seclusion has made it very suitable for camping and caravan tourism. Apart from the camping area, it is possible to find limited and not very attentive seasonal facilities in Panayır İskelesi Bay.

When you continue towards İğneada after Poliçe Bay, Panayır Pier Bay welcomes you with its unique beauty. It is one of the addresses frequented by camping and caravan enthusiasts, as well as motor groups. In Panayır İskelesi Bay, which has a very clear and clean sea, coastal formations can be seen in places. Panayır Iskelesi Bay is also one of the frequent destinations for turbot fishermen.

Panayır Iskelesi Bay, which is within walking distance of Kıyıköy, fascinates you with the beauty of undiscovered and the view of the vast and harsh waves of the Black Sea.

If you happen to be in Kıyıköy or İğneada, please do not forget to add Panayır İskelesi Bay to your sightseeing list.